Upcoming Events

Election of Officers Night

Was held December 8th

A good time was had by all in attendance

 Installation of Officers followed the election

Pictures of the event can be viewed HERE


Become part of the brand new $100.00 Club, Donate $100.00 or more to the Buford Lodge
Building Fund and have your name inscribed on the Plaque in the foyer of the lodge.

Buford Lodge has been really active in the community in 2016.
Join your brothers and lets make an impact on our community again in 2017!

There is a dry erase board in the foyer, please list your activates for all to see.

There is a large calendar on the back of the lodge entrance door
with dates of events throughout the year.

Brothers please bring your wives to our dinners and open meetings.
If your wife is more involved, the better our Lodge becomes.